Who Is Davey Dreamnation?

Davey Dreamnation (not pictured) was conceived during the playing of a Genesis LP in April 2001.

Described by others as a legend in his own signature drawstring jarmies, a colossus of lo-fidelity, a harbinger of jitches and drum fills and ‘the Skylab of his generation’, Davey describes himself as an Australasian pirate who lives in the third person, and that’s good enough for us. He is also fluent in Esperanto and enjoys ice hockey and Joy Division.

Originally presenting himself as a pixel-sized superstar, this once humble mime artist now operates a fully-automated and interconnected international web portal and hyperstation through which he has, over the past decade or longer, sought to document his own troubled psyche.

See and hear the results for yourself by visiting Davey’s comprehensive discography complete with links to his astonishing recordings, from the barnestormingly successful Islands In the Stream of Consciousness LP right through to his swansong LP, The Silence of Untold Sound.

In 1994, Davey graduated from the de Burgh Institute, receiving a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Norman-Era Balladry. In 2004 he graduated from the University of Australasia, receiving a Master of Australasian Bush Studies. At present he is in the final stages of his PhD candidature at Renaissance University, Melbourne. His exegisis is an exploration of the lyrics of Chris de Burgh, focussing on the early albums right up to (and including) Into The Light.

Over the past decade Davey’s own incredibly incendiary music and lyrics have been distributed (often in secret) via a totally random range of Australian and international organs including The Page, Speech Factory, Coat, Bush Telegraph, Islet, Meandjohn, tilt (USA), Couch, MARMITE (NZ), tallpoppies, Bowing Out Gracefully, pole position (UK), Southerland and various journals.

In addition his political views and rants have appeared in The Weekend Hibernation, Southern Tuna,Meritocratin, The Big Fish, Herpes, New England Ravers, Wakers Seance, Crosstown and Fabulous Tasmanians.



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