Read Les Tombeaux’s thoughts on discovering, documenting and reissuing the astonishing recordings originally released, and then deleted, by DNRC Records.

The posthumous biographer’s curse

As mentioned in my introductory post, as a long-term fan of Davey Dreamnation and his ouevre, I accepted the task of writing his authorised biography both willingly and eagerly. However, the fact that the troubled star has not been seen for several years—and is, in fact, presumed dead—has made my ostensible task that much harder…. read more »

Introducing the DNRC Records

When I was first approached to write the definitive biography of Davey Dreamnation—an invitation I was, obviously, more than happy to accept—I was given to understand that I would have unfettered access to Dreamnation’s personal archives, including his astonishing collection of unreleased songs; his musings in writing on the parlous state of the music industry; and his unparalleled… read more »

Who Is Davey Dreamnation?

Davey Dreamnation (not pictured) was conceived during the playing of a Genesis LP in April 2001. Described by others as a legend in his own signature drawstring jarmies, a colossus of lo-fidelity, a harbinger of jitches and drum fills and ‘the Skylab of his generation’, Davey describes himself as an Australasian pirate who lives in… read more »