Long on shirt pants and short on breaks, Davey Dreamnation—a wunderkind, a legend in his own drawstring signature jarmies, the colossus of lo-fidelity, a harbinger of jitches and drum fills, the scandal-us of his generation—was conceived during the playing of a Genesis LP in April 2001.

DNRC Records, a Tribesco-based record company presenting post-hard bands on a limited edition basis, was established in 2002 on the back of the success of Davey Dreamnation’s incendiary debut album, Islands In the Stream of Consciousness.

Despite Dreamnation’s highly successful career as a musician, not many of his fans were ever aware of the existence of DNRC Records, which is hardly surprising given its underground credo and its annoying habit of deleting releases just moments after issuing them.

In fact, DNRC Records released and then deleted over 100 records over its short but colourful lifespan. This database of remarkable records is now being reissued for posterity’s sake, and for your personal enjoyment.

Check back to this page regularly, as our stable of artists is constantly evolving. We are currently endeavouring to re-issue all releases from 2002 onwards and ask for your patience.

As Davey would say, ‘Get ready to seethe’.

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